The purpose of the “Halló, Ísland!” project is to produce an interactive e-book on Korean folk tales and traditional art (hanbok, or Korean traditional dress). This project intends to bring renewed attention to Korean culture and language by developing interactive content that marries Korean storytelling with traditional art.


Team Bobusang values connection. We call for the voluntary spread of culture in the course of our interaction with Icelanders, young and old, that goes well beyond unilateral communication. The identify of Korean culture is manifested when Korean cultural content is created overseas and interpreted as a creative element within a global culture. We would like to build a positive relationship with Iceland based on the rediscovery of Korean culture.


We expect that the “Halo! Iceland” project will help find ways to promote sustainable cultural exchanges between Korea and Iceland. Hopefully, it will serve as a bridge connecting not just Korea and Iceland, but the entire world.


We hope you fully enjoy this opportunity to first-handedly experience “Korea,” for example by reading Korean folk tales and trying on traditional Korean clothes.



The BOBUSANG Team is one of the "2019  KF Public Diplomacy Projects”

supported by Korea Foundation.

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