Halló, Ísland!


from the Republic of Korea.

"BOBUSANG" or peddler merchants played a pivotal role in connecting consumers, producers and middlemen during the Joseon Kingdom.

BOBUSANG was selected as one of the “2019 KF Public Diplomacy Projects” by the Korea Foundation (KF), an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.


Our project was created to give Icelanders who love storytelling an opportunity to experience Korean culture and learn about the symbolism in traditional Korean fairy tales, part of Korea’s intangible cultural heritage.


Through our project, we introduce people to Korean fairy tales in the format of an interactive ebook and to traditional Korean clothes, called Hanbok, which are designed by Park Chun-hwa, a certified Master of Hanbok.


We will introduce Icelanders not only to Korean fairy tales but also to Korean culture in general, including folk games, foods and films, and by letting them try on Hanbok.


As part of our activities, we hold  workshops at a local school, a cultural centre and a city library. We also hold an event to share experiences with local residents and allow them to explore Korean culture through an exhibition.

We are visiting Iceland from June 11 through 23, 2019.


Reykjavík (June 13-14, 2019), Breiðholtsskóli

Ísafjörður (June 17-18, 2019), Edinborgarhúsið

Akureyri (June 20-21, 2019), Amtsbókasafnið á Akureyri


If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us at 2019bobusang@gmail.com



The BOBUSANG Team is one of the "2019  KF Public Diplomacy Projects”

supported by Korea Foundation.

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