Korean Fairy Tales E-Book Workshop

Korean Fairy Tales E-Book Workshop: Joy of making it together  This workshop introduces Korean culture to Icelanders through traditional Korean fairy tales and produces interactive e-books to participate in. The storytelling-loving Icelanders is to introduce a folk tale that is one of Korea's intangible heritage and to provide them with an opportunity to experience the Korean culture and symbolism that is dissolved in fairy tales. Korean traditional fairy tales are co-worked with reactive electronic books in English and Icelandic languages. The experience of speaking Korean lines during the production process helps you to create interest in Korean language and culture.



2019. 06. 20. Tursday

The last Workshop was held in The Municipal Library of Akureyri (Brekkugata 17, 602 Akureyri).

18 kids at 10AM and 11 kids with 

their parents at 4PM participated in our E-Book workshop!!



2019. 06. 17. Monday

The Second Workshop was held in Edinborgarhúsið(Aðalstræti 7, Ísafjörður).

Despite being Independence Day in Iceland, 4 people at 10AM and 10 people at 4PM participated in our E-Book workshop!!



2019. 06. 13. Thursday

Our first Workshop was held in Breiðholtsskóli (Arnarbakka 1-3, 109 Reykjavík).

20 people were participated in E-book workshop and they got the chance to experience about the Korean traditional fairy tales and Hanbok. 



The BOBUSANG Team is one of the "2019  KF Public Diplomacy Projects”

supported by Korea Foundation.

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