Exhibition: Explore Korean Culture

<Folk tale e-book making workshop: Joy of making it together>

In this workshop, participants are invited to develop an interactive e-book that combines Korean storytelling and traditional art. Two folk tales are introduced: Heung-bu and Nol-bu, a story of a good brother and a greedy brother where good triumphs over evil, and The Red Bean Porridge Grandma and the Tiger, a tale focusing on the relationship among people, animals and objects with the theme of poetic justice. The workshop offers a glimpse into Korean culture and customs portrayed in folk tales as well as a chance to put on hanbokto become the characters in the stories.

Icelandic readers will be amazed to meet Korea through its well-known folk tales and discover cultural insights from the stories. 

<Korean Films: Koreans’ past and present lifestyles>

Korean movies are drawing global attention as a source of originality and creativity. Team Bobusang presents screenings of Korean films that blend the sounds and visuals to introduce Korea’s original stories. Discover the fascinating world of Korean cinema and learn how it explores unique elements from songs and dances to shamanism and mythology.


<Hangeul: Hunminjeongeum, Corrects Sounds to Enlighten the People>

Hunminjeongeumis the original name of hangeul, or the Korean alphabet. Literally meaning “correct sounds to enlighten the people,” it includes the adjective “correct” to indicate that it uses characters to properly write down Korean sounds without borrowing Chinese characters. Hangeul was invented in the spirit of independence, love for the people and pragmatism, and its original and scientific qualities are now internationally recognized. UNESCO annually awards the King Sejong Literacy Prize, named after the creator of hangeul, to recognize outstanding achievements in the promotion of literacy. Participants will be invited to write Korean alphabet letters on handmade paper with a writing brush and an ink stick. Find out what your name looks like in hangeul.

<Traditional Korean games: Games passed down through generations>

Enjoy fun Korean games you only watched on YouTube. Traditional games have traces of the background and lifestyles of an era in which they were created. They are in fact cultural programs that embody the values that the society of the past hoped to achieve. Don’t miss this exciting way to learn about Korea’s traditional values

<Hanbok: Beauty of traditional Korean clothing>

We introduce modern costumes inspired by shapes, designs, and colors matching the characters in Korean folk tales and made using traditional garment production techniques. Intricate patterns and meticulous needlework will leave you in awe.[U1] 



2019.06.21 Friday

The exhibition was held in The Municipal Library of Akureyri.

Many children and their family came together and had such a good time with BOBUSANG!!



2019.06.18 Tuesday

The exhibition was held in Edinborgarhúsi, Ísafjörður.

People who visited our exhibition place enjoy Korean cultures!!



2019.06.14 Friday

'Explore Korea Culture' program was held in Breiðholtsskóli, Reykjavík.

There were a lot of people who enjoyed Korean snack, watched K-movie, wore Hanbok, wrote Hangeul name, and played Korean traditional board games!




The BOBUSANG Team is one of the "2019  KF Public Diplomacy Projects”

supported by Korea Foundation.

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